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Air Canonn

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Most potatoe canonns are combustion canonnons and are cool with all the flames and what not but if you are like me and just crave that fire power this would be the way to go. The reason this is different than your average potaoe canonn is because it stores air in a tank and then releases it quickly. So you have a large volume of air traveling very fast through a tube and that always ends well. talking to my unlce about the plans he built a canonn and it was about the size of his arm give or take. It shot about a football field and right than i knew i had to build one that was much bigger and much less practical. So i did and it was proablly the manliest thing on the planet.

This canonn never actually got to fire because it was sitting in my room for way to long and some little kids broke it. So basically what i'm saying is all little kids suck and you should keep them on a leash or in a cage. Anyways i decided I had to make A air canonn so manly. I basically took your standard basic plans and quadrupled them, then made them even bigger. Oh yah sounds good already! The end result was a very non practical tank looking canonn a little bigger than a standard mini van.


So say you want to tackle something like this where do you start? First you should proablly understand how it works. Air is pumped through A air compressor or bike pump into a air stem that is connected into your air tank. You wait until the pressure builds up to about 100 PSI. or so than release all the pressure at once. All the air will move and try to find the first opening. In a tube the only way out would be the very end of the barrel. The air will exit the tube very fast and take anyhting in it's path with it.

Now that we have a general idea of how it works how do we start makeing it? Well first we need to take A little trip to LOWES or some other store just like that. Go to the plumbing section because you need to build something like this out of PVC. So what your looking for is one size of pipe that is sturdy and can take alot of PSI, stick to a lower diameter of pipe. You would think a larger size would mean a stronger pipe but from my expirence you want to use a smaller diameter pipe. The larger pipes are usually used for draining so they make the real weak and crappy and we don't need that crap explodeing and killing the neibhor kid. So the next step would be to buy a 180 degree piece that will go from the air tank to the Valve. If you use the 180 degree piece it will look a lot better and be alot more functional, i mean you could just use straight pipe but it will make it a lot less short for the same air volume. I actually didnt use the 180 degree piece in this desighn but this one is also huge and it would have been alot less awkwardly shape if I kept it straight. So i did but you can be creative and play aorund with A few ideas. So next you need to find a way to release all the air at once quickly. the quicker the air is released the farther your projectile will go and the more power your'e going to really have! There are a few different ways to go about this and they all have different prices and skill requried. The first and easiest way to go would be to use A ball valve, and there easy to find (in the plumbing asile still). This is a cheap and easy way of getting it done. It works and i reccomend it because it's just a few bucks and you can still shoot stuff. this is what i think you should use if you are just getting started and dont want to make things super complicated yet. However if you do want something a little harder you can use a electronic solenoid valve, or a sprinkler valve. Ok so now you all that's left to build is a barrel which is just a piece of pipe extening from the ball valve. You also need to pick up sone PVC cement and primer so all the joints are secure and sturdy. Because once 100 PSI. is in there the only way you want it comeing out is out of the barrel.

So basically just remember use common sense dont kill yourslef, the neibhor, Any animals, pedestrians, the list is endless. If you do something stupid remember I warned you and you take full responsibilty of your injurys and will not hold me accountable in any way whatsoever.

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