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RED NECK X-box live

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Haveing wireless problems? I could not get my signial from my wirless G router to my basement through thick cement floors, and it really sucked. I wanted to fix it and not spend any money, so that's what i did. This is a Parabolic reflector made for my X-box Live; out of A five gallon bucket, a crap load of tin foil, some Duck tape, and a little bit of wood to hold my Wirless X-box adapter. IT actually increased my signial strength by alot. If you do end up building something like this you need to play around with how you position it and where you place it because moveing it just a little will make a noticeable difference.
Mine is obviosuly huge and pretty freakin ridlicious but I have some really thick floors. Building somehting like this is pretty easy if you just have the right idea of what needs to be done. You can also use something like a Pringles can, popcan, or even cadboard with Tin foil Duck taped to it. I gained alot of DBI once i started useing this and if your'e haveing any wirless problems i defnitely reccomend useing it. It might look super redneck like mine but thats proablly the coolest part of the entire thing.


So the next thing that wasn't working out very well with my X-box live was my little communicator thing. Proablly because I steppped on it, reguardless it was broken to bits. I was useing my little brothers for a little bit but we just got in a lot of arguements over it. So i was just like screw it i'll fix mine. Of course thoguht i could just Duck tape it back on and I tried that but it just kept falling off. So i found a old pair of big head phones and figured I could make it work. I took the headphones apart and then drilled a hole big enough for the microphone to come out. Obviously the headphones werent really built to become a X-box headset so to keep it toghether I had to use alot of Duck tape. So in about ten minutes or so I Had this really Redneck headset. It does kind of give the apearance that you have a brain tumour, but oh well I'm not trying to look styleish when playing X-box live.

This is a close up image of the stand I built for my wireless adapter. It's a good idea to have somehting solid and sturdy holding it in place. Or it tends to move and it sucks when your'e in the middle of a game and your connection goes all crappy.


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