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Phone Tricks

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I'm not exactly sure if this is legal so don't do anyhting stupid or criminal like. This may not look like much, proablly because it really isn't. WHat this basically does is make a phone line busy. A busy box, you connect it somewhere in your house and while it's connected your phone line will apear busy letting no calls come in or go out. It would be pretty hard to find and would proablly make the coolest April fools prank ever. I can just see my parents getting all red in the face over a broken phone now. It's as simple as buying a phone extension cord form the dollar store or wherever else you can find one. Next you open it up and get a little bit of wire. Connect the red and green wires and there ya go. I left min open so I can connect and disconnect the wires on the phone. It sounds pretty cool and makes it look like you put some one on hold. You could saulder the wires together makeing it look alot nicer and then close the case back up. Or just leave it like this, either way it doesn't really matter.

Close up of red and green wires connected.


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