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More X-Box Redneck crap

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That's right more X-box stuff involveing Duck tape.


This is a PC to X-BOX adapter cord. You can buy these but why on earth would you buy something for twenty bucks or however much if you can make it? This cord lets you put alot of cool things on your X-box , and transfer game saves to your pc. You do need some trciky downloads which I haven't taken the time to hunt down just quite yet. Really easy to do and if you have some spare time defnitely worth it.


To start building something like this you need A few things.

A usb cord (only male end)
A X-box little short cord (yah that's the technichial term)
Electricial tape or Duck tape and some tin foil.
Plus you have to be mentally retarded.

With the materials gathered it'll only take you a few seconds. you need to first cut the xbox and usb cords revealing aproximitely one inch of cord. You should have A red, Black, Green, White, and yellow cord from your usb and controller cord. (yellow cord isn't on the usb only on the X-box and were not going to use it so it doesn't matter). Well next you need to soldier red to red black to black green to green and white to white. You might want to soldier the foil like stuff to the top of the usb adapter for grounding purpouses but I'm not sure if it makes A difference. I forgot to do it myself but oh well. It should still work fine. Next you need to make sure your wires are not touching. I used a small layer of tin foil and some ducktape. on all four wires than taped over the entire thing. Make sure you cover the red and black wires ecspecially and make sure they are not near each ohter or you may fry somehting like your computer or X-box. Which would totally suck. You could if you want also attach a Led like I did in the middle of the red and black wires. Kinda looks cool. All that's left to do is go nuts on the duck tape and make sure everyhting is in there tight.